Japanese scientists claim that you should drink 600 ml of water in the morning on an empty stomach, because that will purify the stomach and reduce the risk of many diseases.

They found out that water purifies the intestines and increases the ability of the stomach to absorb nutrients from food.

After you drink 600ml of water you should brush your teeth, but you should not eat or drink for the next 45 minutes. Only after 45 minutes you can have breakfast and after that nothing to drink or eat for the next two hours.


That way water will help release toxins from your body.

First you will see positive effects on the face and body, and after that on the skin, which will become fresher and cleaner.

However, if we don’t get enough water in our body we increase the risk for various diseases such as breast and uterus cancer, leukemia, diabetes, kidney stones, asthma , constipation , headache, and many others.

So, drink 2 glasses of water every morning, stay healthy and fresh!

drink water