Everyone likes to have nice nails. Our hands come into contact with various objects during the day, which can impair the beauty of nails. In order to keep your hands and nails beautiful and healthy, we should follow a certain routine to suit our needs.

Daily cutting of nails can lead to serious problems, say scientists at the University of Nottingham. They have made a set of equations to determine the physical laws of nail growth and used them to try to figure out the causes of the most common problems with nails.

“It’s amazing what people are willing to do in order to make their nails look beautiful,” says lead researcher Cyril Rena.

According to this research, published in the journal Physical Biology, trimming of nails on regular basis can upset the balance in the growth of the nail. Over time, the nail may begin to change shape, which can result in a much worse problems.

“People who have their nails trimmed every day, or shape them on daily basis so that they are rounded at the corners, are most at risk,” says Rena.

In other words, you need to simplify your nail care and have the simplest form, in order to allow proper growth of your fingernails.

Researchers have devised an equation that takes into account the forces that allow the nail to grow.

When these forces are out of balance, or when the nail grows too fast or too slow, the whole nail suffers and then begins to change shape. Although physical stress depends on the years and the changes in metabolism, bad manicure and pedicure are the main culprits for the disturbances.

The biggest problems is caused by nails with large surface and a straight edge, which explains why most often the nail of the thumb on the feet grows sideways.

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