A new study has shown that sugar can be toxic and it can cause heart diseases or high blood pressure. A survey is conducted by a pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig at UCSF Beniof, Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, and Jean-Marc Schwartz from the Medical University in California.

The research was based on an examination of 43 obese children who had high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and fatty liver.

Children were from nine to eighteen years old.

Most harmful calories Sugar

Special dietary program was created for children that involved “no more sugar” treatment which included juices and other foods. Intake of sugar was reduced from 28 to 10 percent. Fructose has been reduced from 12 percent to about 4 percent.

“This study involves food with very low sugar percentage. The children have commented on a diet, saying that they felt as if they consume much more food than before even though they consumed the same number of calories as before, only with a lot less sugar” said Mark Schwarz.

Children have pointed out that the new diet makes them feel less hungry. At the end of the diet all children have lost an average of two pounds in nine days.

“We have never seen that results can come so fast after just nine days, with only limiting sugar intake” said Mark Schwartz.

Blood pressure in children has dropped by an average of five points, and cholesterol by 10 points. Blood glucose levels also declined. In fact, all aspects of health have improved.

It was pointed out that the proper distribution of calories is very important. The calories you get by eating sugar are the worst of all because they contribute to the increase of fat in the liver, increase the risk of diabetes, heart and liver diseases.

The research is published in the journal “Obesity” and doctors have concluded that it is necessary to continue observing the results of this study, and it still needs to be determined whether the reduced sugar intake will have long-term positive effects on health.

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