Constipation is no walk in the park. While common symptoms include bloating, gas, and cramping, the truth is that if a person were to have constipation too long, a number of things could happen. After all, human waste is full of bacteria and toxins that must be flushed out through a bowel movement daily.

If an individual cannot go to the bathroom as normal, waste begins to accumulate, it backs up within the gastrointestinal tract, and within a short time, causes a person to become very sick. If a problem of constipation continues over a period of time, a person would be at risk for more serious problems to include colon cancer. This is why using cures for constipation is imperative to good health both short and long-term.



Increased Risks of Constipation

More long-term, constipation increases the amount of sludge that sticks to the walls of the intestines, colon, and rectum. If not flushed out through a colonic cleansing, the bacteria and toxins increase the potential for the development of serious health risks. While this problem might seem like nothing but an annoyance to some people, in reality, finding effective cures for constipation is crucial to good health.

In regards to cures for constipation, there are two primary options – conventional over-the-counter products and natural remedies. The choice a person makes is not as important as the results achieved. Of course, it would be essential to choose a cure based on the severity of the problem but also frequency. In the most severe cases, medical intervention might be required.

For instance, if an individual seldom experiences constipation, a gentle product or remedy would probably suffice. However, for someone who has recurring issues of constipation in which all the sludge has not been pushed through, cures constipation would need to consist of those that can reach high into the intestinal tract, usually in the form of a complete colonic cleansing.


Over-the-Counter Products

We wanted to offer a few recommendations specific to conventional cures for constipation, those in the form of products that can be purchased at virtually any grocery or drug store.



Bulk-Forming Laxatives

For mild or infrequent cases of constipation, bulk-forming laxatives work. These laxatives typically work within 12 hours, are highly effective, made from natural ingredients, and they produce stool-softening effects as well. Because this type of laxative is not absorbed from the intestines into the body, the product can be used a long-term safety but only if instructions are followed correctly.


Stimulant Laxatives

Another type of over-the-counter laxatives is formulated to stimulate muscle contractions within the intestines, making it easier to complete a bowel movement. There are laxatives made with inorganic and natural ingredients and while they all work as stimulants that can cause some degree of cramping, for the most part, products made with natural ingredients tend to be somewhat gentler.


Stool Softeners

Conventional cures for constipation could also be in the form of softeners that actually help soften hardened fecal matter, making it easier to pass through the intestines and rectum. These products work by increasing a level of moisture thanks to an incredible known as docusate.

Although beneficial to anyone with constipation, stool softeners are commonly used by someone who just had rectal, abdominal, or pelvic surgery, a person who recently gave birth, an individual with anal fissures or hemorrhoids, or even someone with a hernia or high blood pressure.


Enemas and Suppositories


One of the last cures for constipation that falls within the conventional treatment category is enemas and suppositories. Inserted into the rectum, they work by cleansing both the rectum and sigmoid colon. In addition to helping with constipation, enemas and suppositories are highly effective in the elimination of fecal impaction, which is when the rectum is blocked by hard, impacted waste product.


Natural Cures

Along with any of the cures for constipation listed above in relation to conventional over-the-counter products, provided below are some of the most effective and safest natural remedies. When referring to “natural”, this means treatments or remedies made with organic or 100% natural ingredients.

In addition, daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, reducing stress, and adopting a healthy diet consisting of the appropriate level of fiber are critical to keeping the bowel’s working normally. However, for problems with constipation, any of the following cures would provide relief.


Olive Oil

Mix one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, and one drop of mint. Swallowed every morning, this helps keep the body lubricated to make flushing out waste easier.




Prior to retiring to bed at night, consuming two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses would also prove beneficial. Because molasses is so rich and sweet, a few sips of water afterward would be fine.


High Fiber Juice Mixture

Place one cup of cut up apple minus the seeds in a juicer or blender with one cup of organic grapefruit juice and two kiwi fruit. All of these ingredients are high in fiber, which is necessary to push waste through the system.


Prune Juice


Although prune juice is commonly used in natural cures for constipation, this one is unique and it works. Pour six to eight ounces of prune juice in a large coffee mug and heat it for about 45 seconds. Next, add one tablespoon of real, organic butter to the prune juice, reheating for an additional 20 seconds. When just cool enough to drink, stir, and sip. The great thing about this remedy is that it works incredibly fast, sometimes in 15 minutes or less.

Baking Powder

Although the flavor is not pleasant, this is another one of the most effective cures for constipation using natural ingredients. Simply place one teaspoon of baking powder in eight ounces of water and drink quickly. In most cases, relief would come in 20 minutes.



People usually feel embarrassed in talking about constipation but this is a condition that everyone faces at some point in life. Even though constipation is often discussed with smiles and giggles, the truth is that if not treated or if the problem becomes chronic, it can lead to very serious health risks.

With so many cures for constipation available, relief is easy to come by but keep in mind that if at any time a person does not have a bowel movement for more than three days, begins to run a fever or experience other symptoms, or simply has questions or concerns, seeing a doctor is advised.

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