Morning rituals are an inevitable part of our lives.

While some people start their day by walking the dog or grocery shopping, others drink coffee, smoke a cigarette or eat breakfast. However there are people who always find time for their health, so they start their day with a healthy drink that do wonders for their body. Healthy Fit Natural recommends the following:

There is no guarantee for a healthy and long life but you can do your best to take good care of your body and make some simple “tricks” and habits for your health. You could start each morning by drinking a glass of warm water mixed with a lemon juice and soon you will notice a number of benefits that this mix brings.

warm lemon water benefits

For this you will only need a minute or two, and it will boost your immune system and improve your overall health! After a month you will notice the first results. The recipe is very simple, all you need to do is to squeeze half a lemon in a cup of warm water. Repeat this every morning.

It strengthens the immune system

Lemon is full of vitamins and it is a perfect remedy for the treatment of colds and can also affect the recovery of immunity.  It is abundant in potassium which stimulates the brain, nerve functions and assists in controlling blood pressure.

It acts as a mild natural diuretic and helps digestion

Lemon juice treats upset stomach, helps digestion and relieves the symptoms of heartburn. Also, it makes you urinate more often by expelling toxins from the body, but also prevents detoxification.

It balances the pH in the body

Despite being very acidic, lemon become alkaline when enters the body, and these alkaline foods are the key to good health, agility, enthusiasm…

It helps with weight loss

Lemon is full of fiber, which is why it is so successful in fighting against hunger.

It cleanses the skin

Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and age spots. Lemon and hot water rejuvenate the skin from within your body, which is why your skin will always be clean!

Refreshes your breath

Lemon not only refreshes your breath, but also relieves the eventual tooth pain or inflammation of the gums. However, keep in mind that citric acid can cause tooth enamel to dissolve, so make sure not to brush your teeth a few hours after drinking this mixture.

It raises energy and mood

Lemon juice provides you with energy and at the same time it reduces anxiety and depression!

It hydrates you

A glass of warm water with lemon will prevent dehydration and fatigue during the day, which is very important because if your body is “thirsty” that can lead to minor disturbances of health.

lemon health benefits

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