Everybody needs fiber on a daily basis. Fibers reduce bad cholesterol, the risk of heart diseases, some types of cancer, improve bowel movements and if you’re trying to lose weight then you should consume this food more than usual.

Health of gastrointestinal tract, regular digestion, gallstones occurrence and blood glucose are directly associated with adequate fiber intake, which should be approximately 25 grams per day for an average, healthy, adult person. You can easily accomplish the healthy diet mission if you make nutritious rye bread sandwiches or consume unprocessed whole grain cereals for breakfast.

importance of fiber

We reveal you a few ways to improve your fiber intake through your daily nutrition.


Drink a glass of fresh juice. Give preference to nectars, such as apricot, peach, pear or papaya, because these fruits are consider to have a really large amount of fibers. You should start your morning with an orange – it contains three grams of fibers.

While making scrambled eggs you should add a little bit of chopped onion and a clove of garlic. Besides being very healthy, these two foods will protect our body from colds and flu, as well as ensure some extra grams of fiber.

Also, cocoa is not just for little kids, a tea cup of this tasty beverage contains three grams of fiber, which is perfect to start a cold, boring winter day.


If you’re used to eating a sandwich at work, make sure you replace white bread with the rye one. One slice contains two grams of fiber, which is twice more than the “standard” white bread.

Have you tried Mexican food? Burritos are made of farinaceous tortillas that are full of fibers. Prepare them with meat, peppers, lettuce and beans for the extra fiber intake.

Stew of lentils, beans or dark beans is the right winter food which will help you feel warmer and reach the desired value of 25 grams of fiber.

When preparing pizza, sprinkle it with lots of basil and oregano, because a teaspoon of these spices provide one gram of fiber, while mushrooms enhance both fiber amounts and effects.


Popcorn will decrease your appetite, calm your nerves and cleanse the bowels. Popcorn is always better option than potato chips, because it’s not so fatty and salty (unless you season them with extra oil and salt). One bag of popcorn contains eight grams of fiber!

Put two tablespoons of sesame seeds in a nonfat yogurt for some extra grams of fiber. Two tablespoons of flaxseed will provide your body with additional four grams.

A pint of chocolate milk contains a gram and a half of fiber and if you feel like eating chocolate, choose the one containing almonds.


Instead of white rice rather choose wild rice, also known as black rice, because it contains three times more fiber than the white one.

It contains very little fat and is known for being low in calories.

It is recommended to eat cooked broccoli, cabbage and carrots as a side dish, so you can consume three to five grams of fiber – double more than if you eat them raw.

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