Banana peel is usually used for all kinds of TV comedies, but also has a role in improving our overall health.

Probably none of us likes the idea in which banana should be eaten whole – the inner part we find completely normal to eat, but the peel absolutely not.

We believe that yellow banana peel is not very attractive food, but it is full of beneficial ingredients like potassium, magnesium, nutritious fiber…

banana peel benefits

In addition to that, the banana peel contains tryptophan, a key ingredient for the production of serotonin – a substance that prevents and fights depression and helps you sleep better.

“Banana peel also contains dietary fiber that can help in regulation of cholesterol in the blood,” says Dr. Ana Daniels from the British Dietetic Association.

“The bark of many fruits is rich in vitamins and minerals because it is exposed to sunlight while growing.” Dr. Daniels added that banana peel also contains carotenoids, especially lutein, an antioxidant that protects the eyes from oxidative stress.

But they say that the taste is not the most pleasant. Yes dear scientists, we know that! 😀 To make it a little bit tastier, it is advisable to wait with eating until the banana is fully ripen in order to be sweeter.

If you do not want to eat the peel, there is another option: Experts suggest to cut the whole banana, with rind, cook it for about ten minutes, strain it and drink as tea.

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