The word “sesame” usually reminds us of the Orient. The myths about its special effects and power exist forever. Even in ancient times, sesame was very valuable and respected plant that was transferred through many important trade routes from East and North Africa, through the Orient to India and China.


Legend says that the Greek goddess Hera, the patroness of marriage, women, love and family, used sesame oil, in order to remain attractive to her husband, the supreme god Zeus. In ancient Greece, the sesame oil was always used for anointing while at the time of every important ceremony related to birth, marriage or death.

sesame benefits

However, “the magical power” of sesame oil is not just a myth. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as an effective antioxidant. At first, the oil is rubbed on the skin and then washed off, because this is the way of removing the harmful substances from the tissue.

Sesame oil also acts as an excellent fat burner and thanks to linoleic acid, which is contained in the plant, sesame turns fat into energy and thus prevents its accumulation in the body. In addition to these great characteristics, sesame oil supports digestion, prevents drying of the skin and protects us from a heart attack.

A single grain of sesame is a true “treasure coffer” full of valuable nutrients that make us, at the same time, more beautiful and happier.

The content of calcium, a mineral which is extremely important for maintaining teeth and bones healthy, is even six times higher than in whole milk.

Folic acid, which is also contained in sesame, affects our mood, vitamin B15 awakens our spirit and relieves headache, vitamin B3 strengthens the nerves, improves blood circulation and metabolism, while vitamin E protects against free radicals.

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