Immunity or immune system is the defense mechanism of the body. We were given one part of the system and on that part we can influence to strengthen it!

At the present time, the immune system is challenged more than ever. Modern and unhealthy lifestyle has become the only option for most of the population. Stress is widespread and daily present, food is unhealthy… All this negatively affects the resistance of our body, so the body is becoming more vulnerable and weaker. More and more viruses prevailing at the global level, different diseases, all kinds of allergies increase the sensitivity of the people. The only way out is to raise our own awareness of what every man for himself can do to strengthen their defense mechanism.

You have a problem with a weak immune system? Russian expert offers the simplest solution! Professor Dr. Sergei Bubnovskij, famous Moscow specialists kinesiology, recommends a simple method for strengthening the immune system:

Every evening, when you return home after a long day, fill the tub or basin with 10-15 centimeters completely cold, icy water. Do not not add hot water!

enter the bath barefoot, and tap your feet on the icy water only for 10-15 seconds!

You can even dance to some pumping music.

Then get out of the tub and wipe your feet with rough terry towel and put on wool socks. Do that every night after work and that will considerably strengthen your immunity.

If you have already caught the flu, it is all the more reason to decisively strengthen your immune system. Then tap with bare feet in the water on every 4 hours.

Do not be afraid! This will aggravate your condition, harden your body and strengthen your immune system, assures Dr. Sergei.

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