You surely have experienced abdominal pain after having a meal, many times so far. This is often followed by unpleasant cramps of variable intensity, and some time spent in the bathroom. Then you realize that you have a loose stool and it is clear that you’ve got diarrhea. Watery and loose stool occurs most often after a meal. You spend a lot of time in the toilet, and you are getting the impression that your bowels are never empty enough. You start to think that you are not going to leave this room as quickly as planned. Fortunately there is a solution!

This article will help you learn how to stop diarrhea without the use of antibiotics – but in the natural way, and what is the best diet in cases of diarrhea. We have also prepared a seven-day diet that will help you get rid of diarrhea and indigestion permanently.

Acute diarrhea in adults

Adults affected by acute diarrhea usually recover quickly and have nothing to worry about. Causes of diarrhea may be various – a stomach virus, a bacterial infection, indigestible fibers, medicines or foods you often consume, although your body simply does not tolerate them well. Summer is the most convenient period for the emergence and spread of intra-abdominal infections, caused by food poisoning, which causes diarrhea.
You should keep in mind that diarrhea in both children and adults is not an illness, but a symptom of a certain health problem. You should be concerned if the acute diarrhea develops into a more serious chronic one, lasting for weeks or even months, which could definitely impair your health in the long run.

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What are the most common causes of diarrhea?

When it comes to diarrhea in adults, alcoholic beverages and caffeine are known as one of the main causes, since they stimulate expulsion of fluid from the body. You should also remove oily foods from your everyday diet, as well as butter, cream, milk and cheese. On the other hand, yogurt can be consumed in moderate amounts, but only when the watery stool stops.

Foods with artificial sweeteners, especially juices, must be removed from the everyday diet, since these sugar substitutions can act as a laxative and cause diarrhea in some people. Also, stay away from foods that cause gas, no matter how healthy it is. Therefore if you are struggling with diarrhea, avoid cabbage, beans, corn, broccoli and cauliflower.

How to prevent diarrhea

Since diarrhea in adults can have many causes, take all necessary actions to prevent it. First of all, wash your hands frequently, rubbing them with soap every time at least for twenty seconds. Watch what you eat – always be sure that it is well-cooked food. If you cannot finish the whole meal, keep the food in the refrigerator, so that you can use it later and minimize the risk of diarrhea.
You should consume drinks only in the original packaging. On the other hand, if you already have watery stool, do not take any medication on your own – antibiotics, for example. While they can be very helpful when it comes to diarrhea caused by bacteria, they can be completely useless if the diarrhea is of viral origin.

Mineral water is your ally

First of all, it is necessary to compensate for excess water loss during diarrhea. It is therefore advisable to drinking water, even more than the recommended eight glasses a day, in combination with salt – to re-establish the imbalance of electrolytes (sodium and potassium) in the body. However, one should bear in mind that tap water is not recommended, but only non-carbonated mineral water.

BRAT diet for upset stomach

BRAT diet is actually a dietary regimen which is composed of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These four ingredients are your best allies in the fight against diarrhea.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is lost in large quantities due to diarrhea. Rice promotes more solid stools, and helps to stop diarrhea completely. Applesauce will help you replenish the energy lost during the diarrhea, and toast will provide a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

7 Day diet plan for diarrhea

First day

Breakfast: Two bananas
Snack: A piece of toast and a cup of rose hip tea
Lunch: Boiled potatoes
Dinner: Applesauce, two slices of toast and a blackberry tea

Second day

Breakfast: Applesauce, a piece of toast and a tea of quince leaves
Snack: One black chocolate bar
Lunch: Cooked chicken breast with carrots
Dinner: Cooked rice, a slice of toast and a cup of rose hip tea

Third day

Breakfast: Two slices of toast and ginger root tea
Snack: One banana
Lunch: A cup of chicken soup and boiled rice with carrots
Dinner: A slice of toast and a tea of quince leaves

Fourth day

Breakfast: Applesauce and a slice of toast
Snack: One black chocolate bar
Lunch: Cooked rice with olive oil
Dinner: Stewed chicken breast, a slice of toast and a rose hip tea.

Fifth day

Breakfast: One banana
Snack: A cup of chicken soup
Lunch: Cooked chicken breast with carrots
Dinner: Applesauce and two slices of toast.

Sixth day

Breakfast: Boiled rice and a slice of toast
Snack: One banana
Lunch: Chicken soup and boiled potatoes
Dinner: Cooked carrots

Seventh day

Breakfast: Two bananas
Snack: One black chocolate bar
Lunch: Applesauce with toast
Dinner: Boiled potatoes and carrots with toast and a cup of ginger tea

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Natural home remedies for diarrhea

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a very effective remedy in the fight against diarrhea due to their high mucilage content.

• Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and chew on it.
• You can also combine half a teaspoon of roasted fenugreek seeds and half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, add two tablespoons of yogurt and mix it well. You need to consume this mixture at least 3 times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is also an extremely effective home remedy for diarrhea. It has curative properties that act against bacteria that cause diarrhea.

• Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, add it to a glass of water and mix.
• You should drink this mixture at least twice a day until the diarrhea stops.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is excellent for soothing an upset stomach. It is also helpful in reducing intestinal inflammation.

• Boil one cup of water, then add one teaspoon of chamomile flowers and one teaspoon of peppermint leaves.
• Let stand for 10 minutes, strain it and drink the tea a several times a day.


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