Children need to stay active or they might become obese over the years, which will have great implications on their health, and lifestyle later on. With only a few minor alterations, it is possible to change how your child behaves, and lower the overall risks to become obese.

Childhood obesity on the rise

With new technology being developed every day, children are becoming slaves to it, and they are getting less active than ever before. Moreover, sitting in front of the TV all day long means that they will often eat and drink junk food and junk drinks. All of the inactivity and lack of proper food will lead to early childhood obesity, which, if not treated, could cause more serious health issues in their later life. As a parent, it will be your duty to react in time and help your kid develop into a healthy adult.

Maintaining Children s Weight

You are not alone in the fight

Most schools have programs to help kids fighting with extra weight shed it and lead a healthy lifestyle. Extra curricula activities, sports, hobbies, and many more can help a child stay active and burn off the extra fat. On the other hand, do not let schools take up all the responsibility, and make sure to support them and your child as well.

Sit down and have a talk

Kids being inactive is rarely a problem that just appears. Usually there are some psychological aspects which are present and could be serious inhibitors. Try to sit down and talk it out with your child because sometimes it helps if they can get something off of their chest. Present yourself not only as a parent but as someone they can confine in. You are there to help them, but, make them understand that the first step towards changing their life can be done if they are willing to.

which food is healthy

Avoid processed food

Junk food is tasty but extremely unhealthy, especially to kids who still need a lot of nutrients to develop. Instead of relying children to buy all kind of food from shops, try to prepare them with healthy substitutes that will ensure that they have a meal full of energy and nutrient rich ingredients. Then again, getting your child used to eating lots of vegetables and fruit will help protect their immune system as well, giving them enough strength and energy to beat any kind of infection they can come across.

Get out and play

It will be difficult to get your kid to go outside once they discover the sedentary lifestyle of television and computers, which is why you should put in extra effort from an early age. Having fun together with your child can also prevent many other issues that could develop from early on. Nevertheless, enjoying a round or two of nerf gun games can help them exercise without even being aware. Furthermore, it will help deepen the bond you two share, making it a pleasant and fun experience.

Be the authority they need

One of the key aspects children are missing today, and it is considered a violation of their rights, if not approached correctly is an authoritative figure. They need someone to tell them why something should be changed in their lives, and how they should go about it. Nonetheless, you should not become a dictator, rather, find a good balance between helpful advice and someone who will put their foot down. After all, you only want what is best for your child. Be sure not to cave in when they are asking for something unreasonable, shouldering their lashes will take time, but, it will be worth seeing your kid healthy.

Steering your kid to the right path of a balanced lifestyle with healthy foods, exercise and a healthy attitude towards life will be crucial if you wish to evade childhood obesity. On the other hand, you will have to make sure that you approach your kid with care and not to tell them off. You should set the rules as a parent, but, you are not a warden and you only want what is in their best interest, which is sometimes hard to explain to them.

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.


  1. Nice post! Food habit and life style are the main attribute for maintaining the balanced weight especially for obese children these prevention is very important because it can directly effect on their health which can be harmful for them in the future.