This diet helps to reclaim balance in nutrition and is anything but classic. How it works…

It is based on the relationship of taste and look, it is incredibly easy and has shown phenomenal results.

Everything you’re going to need in order to lose 4 pounds in only 7 days are these two things: smaller plates and apples. All you need to do for this kind of diet is to prepare dishes that are slightly smaller than those you usually have and before each main meal eat an apple. Simple enough?

Small plates will give the illusion that we eat more than usual. Apples are abundant with fibers, so if you take a quick walk that can easily make a person feel full, so it will certainly make you eat much less food than usual.


It is recommended to have four to five meals a day, of course, based on healthy foods low in fat. Each of them contains protein and has been proven that this combination reduces appetite and enhances weight loss.

During this you need to take more fruits and vegetables because in this way you will reduce total calorie intake, while you will not feel hunger. Refined sugars are strictly prohibited! Besides apples, foods that are also highly recommended are: low-fat cheese, low fat yogurt, eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, lettuce, brown rice, oats, lean beef…

Although the diet itself is very much effective, you can achieve even greater results at the end of seven days. Instead of the expected four, many people lose more pounds. It will be extremely beneficial if you include exercise during the diet. No, we are not talking about going to the gym or using an intensive cardio program at home. Long walks and brisk walking work just fine. Take the stairs whenever you get a chance, avoid transport and go everywhere on foot. Go on easy bike riding or roller skating, off course when the weather is nice, and do thorough stretching twice a day.


Bojana is passionate about sharing experience, tips and tricks related to nutrition, fitness and beauty. She is all about hacking a way to a healthy lifestyle. Her daily routine is a cup of lemon water, yoga and meditation.