Summer is almost over and now we can relax and enjoy the food. However, we should be moderate in everything simply because during the winter period most of us gain weight.

If you want to keep a flat stomach during the winter months, avoid the following 6 types of food:

Eliminate bad carbohydrates

Eat more of food that is rich in protein and avoid all grain and flour products, especially pastry, bread and dough.

Say NO to bakery!

Milk and milk products, you don’t need them

If you consume a lot of milk and dairy products on a daily basis, it is very likely that you have problems with bloating and gas. Also, all the products are packed with sugar and are quite fattening. Put low fat cheese in your diet instead.

Choose the “right” fruit

Most of us have a problem to deal with large amounts of fructose, which is very difficult to digest. Eat citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit), and avoid pears, grapes and apples. It’s healthy, but also full of sugar.

Reduce salt in your diet

You should avoid foods that are high in sodium, because the body with excess salt retains excess water (in the stomach and in all “critical” areas). Avoid canned food, they are also full of sodium. Eat fresh food, prepare your own meals and any salt in moderation.

Avoid hot spices

Hot spices tend to speed up metabolism (they speed up the pulse and stimulate calorie burning), but too spicy food can increase stomach acid and irritation, and it can even cause more serious problems, such as gastritis. Choose fresh herbs with a mild taste instead.

No coffee, alcohol, processed meat and white sugar

It is clear that the food mentioned above causes many health problems. Instead of coffee, drink green tea, skip the alcohol (“I drink only on weekends” that’s not going to work), replace processed meat with fresh food, and I hope you don’t need further explanation why sugar has to disappear from this list.


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