After returning from vacation DT (32) to Belgrade, it was a shock – she lost hearing in one ear. She immediately went to the doctor in the health center, but got the wrong diagnosis. She wandered for a long time from one doctor to another and now she decided to share what had happened to her.

“I work in a high school and the first day at work after a holiday I have realized I don’t hear anything on my left ear. I first received injections of corticosteroids, and I had two treatments of drilling eardrums. Then I went to the Military Medical Academy, where doctors found that I had no hearing infarction of the middle ear. I was told to try to go for treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, which I did, and at the same time was about two weeks receiving therapy.”

She went to inhaling oxygen therapy in a VMA  hyperbaric chamber for about 35 times, and hearing came back observed after only nine “sessions”.

Now only noise bothers her, and when several people are talking at the same time.

It is not only that it was “inhalation of oxygen” in a special chamber that has brought improvement. As Colonel Prim. Milorad Rabrenović, head of the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine Academy, explains the problem of acute deafness occurs to many people.

“Sudden hearing loss usually occurs when ear canal is blocked, and it is solved by flushing. Another problem is when the virus attacks due to colds or infections, it draws ear nerve and cause problems. The biggest problem is vascular in nature, because of the blood vessels of the ear and the eye which are the smallest in the body. Sometimes a person gets up in the morning and cannot hear anything in one ear or their hearing loss occurred suddenly during the day. These symptoms occur because in the middle of the ear is the center of gravity, “says Dr. Rabrenović.

Medications exist for such problems, he says, but in recent years it has been shown that hyperbaric chamber for oxygen leads to fast rehabilitation. The point is that the oxygen is “delivered” to certain tissues where it wouldn’t go otherwise. Thanks to this treatment, problem is easy to overcome. How many treatments in the chamber is required depends on the individual and for how much hearing has “dropped”. If there’s not too much damage, it is advisable to go from 10 to 15 treatments. The best success is achieved when a person goes to doctor as soon as hearing loss occurs.

“We were in the chamber with a patient who complained of ringing in the ears. She came to us because of the problem with peripheral circulation. After about 15 treatments she was happy because she could talk on her cell phone. For some time now our patient is a young man who was shot in the head and therefore lost hearing in both ears. He is still under treatment, but already understands everything, ” said Dr. Rabrenović.

The second situation is with those who are born deaf. Their ear nerves are injured or have an innate anomaly. Chamber cannot help in this situation.

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