We all want to look young, don’t we? We face a lot of difficulties while trying to stay young. Weather conditions, bad nutrition habits, stress and lack of sleep had done its part. Your skin can look grey and damaged, but before you decide to take drastic measures, try to apply these tips to rejuvenate your look. Following are the 11 tips that give the answer to the question on how to look 10 years younger.


Up to 90% of body weight comes from water, so the hydration is important for the normal functioning of the whole body. Thanks to water, our organism can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. It helps in maintaining the pH balance. Hydration plays an important role in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Hydration makes the skin supple and soft, mitigates the negative effects of aging and the water in the skin, and has the additional function – promotes its protective role. Dehydrated skin still looks bad and damaged. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that always works. Drink at least a liter and a half of plain water every single day! This will expel toxics and purify the skin. Just eight glasses of water per day will remove fine lines caused by dehydration, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes that will make your face look young and fresh.

Facial exercises

Women are making great efforts to raise butt and gain abs, but they forget about their main asset that can always be seen -the face! The daily dose of facial gymnastics can tight the skin and raise its tone. It’s great that this can be done in the morning while getting ready for work, and in the evening while watching the series … anytime! One of the most effective exercises is simply called “E-O” workouts. Extend your mouth like you want to pronounce the letter E, and then compile them into a letter O, and repeat at least for a minute. One of the greatest exercises for younger skin is facial yoga. It contains three exercises:

The first exercise: Say a long letter “O”. Slide lips over your teeth, and then smile. Exercise eliminates fine lines under the nose and around cheeks.

The second exercise: Inflate the air in cheeks, like a balloon. Use the three middle fingers of one hand to press the lips, and with the other hand move the air from one side to another. Hold for 30 seconds, and then repeat moving on the other cheek. Exercise removes lines around the lips and gives them a youthful and brilliant look.

The third exercise: Smile like you are making a grimace. Slide lower lip across bellow teeth and hold 20 to 30 seconds. The exercise will rejuvenate the chin.



Laughter causes many physiological changes in the body. Due a to strong and long laugh you activate over three hundred different muscles of the diaphragm, face, abdomen, back, arms and legs. Your eye pupils are expanding, and the fingertips become wet. Breathing becomes deep and faster and can reach speed up to 100 km per hour. Laughter can lift up the heart rate, which can reach 120 beats per minute. Your organism blossoms! Your organism becomes stronger. In doing so, laughter breaks stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Laughing increases lung capacity and its supply of oxygen in the blood. Laugh, even when you don’t have any specific reason. Scowling face looks older and frowning creates new wrinkles. The warm, wide smile can instantly wipe off the years from the face.

Facial peel

Regularly remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. You will attain youthful glow and also slow down the aging process of the skin. Clear skin is able to receive the necessary moisture and can produce new young cells much easier. There are many things which can be used for natural peeling: corn flour, ground oats, rice bran, and even coffee grounds. Grains are always an excellent choice because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Coffee grounds are one of the best options because caffeine can stimulate circulation. There are so many options for peeling base. You can use milk, yogurt, olive oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil.

Facial massage

Whenever you have the time, stimulate the face muscles with different kinds of massages. Muscles will become firmer and face will attain tighter look. Facial massage should not be aggressive. Do it with your fingertips, with slow circular movements. Movements that are supposed to go up should be a little stronger, than the movement that are down.

Face cleansing

The simplest thing that you can do every day is to wash and clean your face. Use mild natural resources, which have the function of hydration, such as rosewater or lavender tonic. Both are known for their abilities to rejuvenate the skin, so it is good to occasionally apply them to the face. You can do this in the morning, in the evening before the bedtime or before applying makeup or facial creams.

Chewing gum

Chewing improves blood flow to the jaw and facial muscles. This particular exercise can be used instead of Botox. While you chew, you move around 40 muscles on your face. Pick unsweetened gym and start working out.

Good (not necessarily expensive) cream

Price of your cream does not have a major impact on the appearance of your skin. The most important thing is to regularly apply the cream that perfectly fits your skin type. A good moisturizer is a product that every woman must have. Apply your cream 2-3 times a day and gently massage your face.


Many foods are called anti-aging foods. Feel free to eat tons of blueberries, broccoli, avocados, tomatoes and soybeans. You will look younger!

Going outside

Central heating, air conditioning and musty rooms can damage the quality of your skin. Make a resolution and spend at least half an hour per day on the fresh air.

Youthful hairstyle

If you want to instantly rejuvenate your look, consider having soft bangs or streaks that look like they are naturally faded by the sun and create the gentle, soft curls. Short haircut can also rejuvenate the face.

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