A healthy diet is a prerequisite for overall health, and can significantly reduce the risk and even to prevent cancer.

These foods are especially recommended for their ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Green Tea

Green tea contains plenty of catechins, which are known for their antioxidant properties and recommended as an excellent preventive against cancer development. However, the use of this warm beverage should be moderated. Drink it moderately and take periodic breaks.

preserve your health with cancer-fighting foods


Women are generally afraid to include soy in their diet because this food contains estrogen, which is known as cancer growth accelerator. However, doctors state that the estrogen found in soy doesn’t function like that and that the consumption of this cereal is highly recommended.

People who already suffered from cancer need to avoid meals made of soybeans, but healthy people can sometimes include it in their menu, because it stimulates the cell growth. Eat tofu or soybean grains, and forget about soy-based supplements because they are the harmful ones.


Add flax seeds into salads, sauces or drinks you often consume in order to provide your organism with necessary fibers and omega-3 fatty acids which play an important role in preserving the immune system.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables play a major role in maintaining the immune system healthy and prevention of vicious diseases such as cancer. Doctors recommend combination of various fruits and vegetables, because this increases their healing power. Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables should be replaced with boiled ones whenever it is possible, or prepared on steam.


Yogurt is definitely a very good choice, because it contains good bacteria, but you should always choose regular yogurt instead of fruit one which is full of sugar and cannot protect you from diseases.

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