You’re obsessed with washing fruits and vegetables or simply do not care for the possible presence of bacteria and pesticides? We often hear how is very healthy to eat all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.  But, do we have enough information of the importance and danger that may come out of the unwashed fruits and vegetables. Here are some truths about how and how much should we wash them before consummation:

Washing fruits and vegetables is strongly recommended

It is enough to have a running water and with a little effort you could rinse a lot of potentially dangerous bacteria from the vegetables peel.

Local organic products are not necessarily pure

Although organic farms grow their veggies in controlled conditions it does not mean that you should eat carrots directly after you pull them out from the soiled ground. In addition to that, be sure that someone else before you touched that product in a store.

Pre-washed salad doesn’t need to be rewashed

There’s an exception to every rule. There is no need to re-wash packaged salads, just make sure it’s not contaminated after removing from the packaging.

We do not need all kinds of vegetable peelers

However, if the vegetables peel is eatable it should be thoroughly washed with brush.

Vegetables and fruits need to be washed prior to use

Although you may have a habit to wash your fruits and vegetables as soon as you bring them into the house, you should know that this will shorten the shelf life and can become a hotbed of bacteria.

Fast tips:

  • Wash your hands with soap
  • Don’t wash nature products with soap or detergent
  • Use cold water to wash it thoroughly
  • Dry it with paper towel
  • Keep in the fridge

Our best advice: Prevent all kind of illness from striking your family and wash fruits and veggies before eating.

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