Various factors in your home can affect your body, mind and soul. Here’s how to make your home a more pleasant place to live for you and your family.

Ceiling height

Higher ceilings give you a sense of freedom, both physical and mental. Higher ceilings are ideal for “more abstract thinking” people, while lower ceilings are more appropriate for those who are detail oriented. Interestingly, it is not an actual ceiling height that makes an impression of height, but your experience of height. If you are a creative person who is looking for inspiration, you may need to use the light (natural is best, if possible) and colors (brighter colors are recommended) to visually “lift up” the ceiling.

Window view

A view (through the window) on a natural environment reduces mental fatigue and increases focus. When you are studying and your mind is completely focused, just one look at the garden and your energy will be fully restored. If your window looks down on the urban environment, you should bring a little nature into your home, so that your eyes have a small place to rest.


Inadequate exposure to daylight may disrupt your circadian rhythm (daily rhythm).

Lack of natural light can cause symptoms such as jet lag.

On the other hand, sleeping in a dark room increases the levels of melatonin, a hormone that affects mood, which our body produces during the night. During the day, spend at least half an hour outside in the daylight, and too much room light at the nighttime is not good for you. At bedtime, put some curtains on the windows and turn off the light.


Mess in the house creates a mess in the mind (cluttered room – cluttered mind). Choose only items that mean something to you and the furniture that is really necessary.


Replace sharp edges with the rounded ones, this will make you feel more relaxed. Sometimes round mirror and rounded cushions are just enough.


There is an entire science of colors and their effect on the human psyche. Generally speaking, blue and green have a calming effect and are recommended for larger surfaces, a living room for example. White will make smaller rooms look bigger, but it’s best to pair it with a brighter color.

From time to time make a few small changes in your home, that way you will get a whole new perspective of your home, and yourself in it.

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