Sneezing is a very unusual phenomenon. Learn what happens in the body when we sneeze and why in that moment we close our eyes…

While sneezing, the air in our nostrils travels at speed about 160 km per hour (can you believe this science fact?), and if you try to stop a sneeze, all the pressure will be transferred to some other parts of your body, and that can hurt really bad.

Method of sneezing is different at home and at the office, so you can be relaxed or abstained from it.

It may seem polite to stop sneezing in public, but it is not good for health at all and can be very harmful.

So, basically, if you try to hold in a sneeze that is in progress you will move all the pressure to the ears, and that is where it can cause serious damage, for example, cracking of eardrums. If you do that often it may affect your hearing and sometimes cause dizziness, therefore we sincerely advise you not to do it.

Also it can have negative effect on blood capillaries in the eyes, and they will burst due to pressure. That will also do some damage to the diaphragm. If you try to stop a sneeze it can cause a potential risk of injury to the neck, and fresh wounds in people who recently had a medical procedure on their sinuses. In the worst case it can lead to cracking of the veins in the brain and it can cause a stroke, which can be fatal!

So if you come to sneeze in public, do not be shy, because the price we could pay is not worth it. Instead of trying to hold your sneeze back, put a handkerchief to your nose and just sneeze. When you are sneezing you should cover your nose and mouth with a forearm or palm of your hand.

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