Do you know that jumping or rebounding helps the body a great deal? Or, do you know that your 10-minute jumping session a day can be more beneficial than half an hour of running or jogging?
Yes, it’s true, jumping or rebounding brings a whole lot of health benefits. You can jump on a trampoline to have fun and keep yourself fit. You can also jump using a rope to get the same kind of benefits as you do from any other exercise. It means, you can go on jumping and having fun to be as fit as you want. Even scientists and researchers have proved how jumping helps in more ways than one. A NASA studies did also prove this point about 40 years ago.

So, how and why jumping or rebounding helps? It helps in two ways – first, it increases the oxygenation to the body cells and second, it boosts the G-force. It means, you should include jumping in your daily exercise routine and get health benefits and fun together.
Let’s look at some of the health benefits that jumping or rebounding brings to the body:

Jumping and rebounding classes
Weight loss

Troubled by fat belly? Looking to lose weight? It’s so easy and simple! Make sure your daily routine involves jumping or rebounding. A 10-minute session daily would help a great deal. This way, you burn more calories for your efforts, almost three times more than running. You will start losing those stubborn fat deposits in no time.

Instant gain of energy

Have you ever tried to see the difference between pre and post phase of jumping? Start the jump and stop to experience something different. What do you feel? You will feel more energetic and recharged after the jump. As you jump, it boosts the circulation of oxygen in the body and we feel surge of more energy.

Normal blood pressure

We know how any imbalance in the blood pressure level causes a lot of problems to the body. Jumping helps normalize the blood pressure. And when BP is normal, you avoid a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, it also helps in the production of red blood cells by boosting the activity of the red bone marrow.

Stimulates and cleanses lymphatic system

When you regularly jump on a trampoline, it helps stimulate and clean the lymphatic system of the body. This leads to increased circulation of lymphatic fluid in body. Toxins are removed from the body and immune system is boosted. Having an improved immune system means having more power to fight diseases and illnesses.

Improves digestion

Are you troubled by digestion problems? Jumping can improve your digestion. It involves a heavy dose of contraction and relaxation of muscles which leads to cleaning of the digestive tract. And when the digestive track is free from any clutter, it gets you an improved digestion.

jumping benefits
Helps fight stress

Rebounding on trampolines helps in stabilization of the nervous system. This leads to release of a substance called serotonin, known to fight against stress-related problems. If you are regular at jumping, you will be free from depression.

Better mental performance

A happy mind learns quicker and faster. Happiness leads to overall improvement in mental faculties. Scientists have established that jumping on a regular basis leads to a better mental performance. It also leads to sharper learning process.

Relieves fatigue

Do you get tired too easily? Do you feel worn-out earlier than your colleagues? Those who are regular at jumping are less likely to feel fatigued. Besides, your body also becomes more flexible and alert.

Menstrual comfort for women

It’s true that jumping helps bring menstrual comfort for women. Or, it relieves menstrual discomfort to help women lead a better life.

Less troubles from colds & allergies

As jumping helps improve the immune system, your troubles with regular colds and allergies become minimum. More so, you also get relief from constant rounds of digestive disturbances.


It’s quite clear that jumping or rebounding has an array of health benefits for the body. Knowing this, you should try to jump or rebound on a daily basis to keep fit and healthy. It’s simple, costs virtually nothing and brings only benefits. So, start your jumping exercises and be as fit as you always wished to be!

Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Air Vault, which is counted among one of the Best Trampoline Park in the UK.