Healthy cocktails will help you to solve a cold and restore energy. Fruit juice can also prevent “morning hypoglycemia“, a drop of sugar that can initiate a series of physiological and physical symptoms.

Fruit and vegetables are the perfect choice to start the day with. Vitamins and other nutrients are absorbed quickly, they raise immunity and are good for the overall body health. Vitamin cocktail will give you more energy and enthusiasm for the activities that await you throughout the day.

* Vitamin C enhances immunity,

* Vitamin A is important for vision,

* Vitamin E keeps the heart and protects cells,

* Vitamin D is good for the bones,

* Vitamins B6 and B9 are good for physical and mental development of the youngest.

Fresh Juice recipes

Fiber content in fruit juices helps to regulate digestion and enhances intestinal motility. Juice can prevent the “morning hypoglycemia” and symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, mood changes, pain, anxiety and depression.

Another advantage is that the fruit juice can help people who do not feel hunger in the morning and can start their appetite.

Most important thing is that they are fresh food. So, all you need in order to prepare these is to have a good juicer in your kitchen. The best of these machines are those that have the technology for cold-pressing, but ordinary blender will also fill a glass with juicy vitamins. Try these simple Healthy Fit Natural recipes:


* Mix one carrot in a juicer or blender with

* One orange

* Two apricots

* Half of a pineapple

* One lemon juice


* Two handfuls of red cabbage

* Two tomatoes

* Cucumber

* Red Grapefruit

* A handful of spinach

* Apple


* Two carrots

* Cucumber

* One beet

* A handful of spinach

* Pear

* A quarter of an avocado


* 100 ml of almond milk

* One banana

* A handful of oats


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