Statistics show that one-third of adolescents bite their nails, but also that one third of them quit the habit by the age 35. Habits like these often are not that obvious and can be done unconsciously, as a result of nervousness, stress and boredom.

The result can be irreversible and can lead to damaged nails, gums and teeth.

So, if you want to stop this habit and say NO MORE to bitting your nails, read Healthy Fit Natural tips on how to do it fast.

Nail extension

Artificial nails not only look great, but are also of great help for the people who are biting their nails. If you are not the type of person who would enjoy polished nails, you can apply patch around them or put gloves on your hands.

Adopting new habit

Just as those addicted to cigarettes know, habits are hard to solve and get rid of! You should try to replace it with a good one. Some examples may include chewing gum, nibbling nuts or humming. If you don’t succeed, contact a specialist for help.

Nail-biting certainly doesn’t look nice or attractive, and the very act will only transfer dirt and bacteria to your mouth.

Ask for friend support

The road to any goal is much easier with the support of friends, and person who is going through the same thing as you can be of great, you just need to ask for help and company.

Connect the feelings and situations

Just like thoughts can create situation, they can also create our behavior. If you can identify which situation triggers nail biting, become aware of that situation and think about it every time you want to bite your nails. Being aware of the problem can be helpful.

Find salvation in relaxation

If you already recognize that your situation and mood make you bite your nails, find a method of relaxation that will beat this strong desire. Play, sing, meditate or prepare herbal tea to soothe you.


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