Dissatisfied with the scientific studies that question the health benefits of milk, American manufacturers have launched a campaign to increase their sales. The question is simple: Do people need to drink milk or they can live without it?

While the US government is urging greater consumption of milk, some studies are beginning to show the potential adverse effect of milk. It is believed that a diet rich with milk is good for the growth of bones and muscles in children and that it can protect the elderly from osteoporosis because of calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Ministry of Agriculture recommended daily consumption from two to two and a half cups of low-calorie milk for children and three cups for the elderly.

Some consumers believe that the healthiest milk is uncooked, just milked cow’s milk, but health experts say that the milk must be pasteurized to kill pathogens such as salmonella.

The scientists say that pasteurization can destroy vitamins in milk, such as vitamins B12 and C. But the problem lies in the recently revised studies that allegedly conclude that in Asian countries, where milk is highly consumed, there are significatly less broken bones.

Some studies have linked milk with the risk of developing ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, although many scientists estimate that this issue should be explored more in order to reach a final conclusion.

Dissatisfied with these studies, milk producers now promote cow’s milk protein found in the milk of almonds and promote milk consumption in children who don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

“The idea that milk is the perfect food is now discredited,” said nutritionist David Lev, adding that cow’s milk is “a valuable element of every balanced diet.”

Leviticus also said that the bones strengthen the first 20 years of our life and that it should not be expected from milk to be “food that acts like a magic wand.”

So, should we drink milk? We say YES!

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