Anemia can trigger many serious diseases. If you suffer from anemia, try this proven remedy and “tune” your blood results to perfection.

This folk remedy for iron deficiency might seem crazy, but many of those who used it claim that it really helped.

So, what to do with nails and apple?

Take one apple (unsprayed) wash it and dry it, take about a dozen iron nails and a bit of copper wire which was previously disinfected with alcohol (copper wire helps in iron absorption) and that’s all you’ll need. Now stick those nails and copper wire into the apple, and let it stand overnight (for about 12 hours).


The next morning remove the nails and copper wire and eat the apple. You could eat it in one of three ways, as desired:

  • Eat the whole apple
  • Put it in a blender and make a juice
  • Grate the apple, add a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of lemon juice

It is best to eat this remedy on an empty stomach.

Take those nails and the copper wire (previously wash and disinfected) and stick them in another apple, leave it to stand until the next morning and repeat the process all over again for a period of seven days.

No need for nails and wire to be washed after each use, just remove the remains and wire and nails are ready for reuse. This process should be repeated for a longer period of time, but the minimum duration of the treatment should be seven days.

anemia remedy

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