Cranberries are a kind of berry fruits that have a number of health benefits and also a great amount of vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and beta-carotene and fiber. Whether you eat them fresh or dried, cranberries are a true oasis of health.

Check out these ten amazing health benefits of cranberries:

-Cranberries are effective in preventing breast and colon cancer.

-Like other berry fruits, cranberry also has a low level of cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If consumed regularly, it may reduce high blood pressure and prevent possible heart diseases.

-Cranberry takes a great part in treating urinary tract infections, especially in women. Cranberry juice inhibits bacteria from entering the urinary tract and eliminates them.

-Cranberry may help prevent stomach ulcer because it destroys Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which causes ulcer.

-Eating fresh cranberries on a daily basis eliminates bad breath.

-Cranberry protects eyes from disorders such as cataracts, corneal degeneration and other similar diseases.

-Cranberry burns fat and makes an easy way in getting rid of extra pounds. Keep in mind not to put sugar in cranberry juice if you want to lose weight effectively.

-Cranberries are known as a natural remedy that protects against kidney stones.

-Cranberry juice treats cold and sore throat, but remember you should not prepare it with cold water or put ice in it.

-As stated above, cranberry contains calcium which makes bones stronger and healthier.

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