Living with allergies can be tricky and somehow tiring. Even the least bit of allergens in your house can make your eyes water, trigger sneezing and itchy skin. Learn how to control and avoid allergens in your home, and get through the allergy season without any fuss.

Allergies in the Bedroom

These pesky substances hide inside your pillows, mattresses, floors and even among curtains and blinds, and can cause sleepless nights. The best thing you can do to dust-mite-proof your bedroom is to encase each pillow and mattresses with some cases made of synthetic materials or cotton. Make sure to wash the sheets, cases and covers at least once a week in water heated to at least 54 C (130 F). Your floors should not have any carpets and rugs, and the best solution is to use hardwood or linoleum flooring. Clean the floors with hot water at least once a week, and your allergies will be controlled. Curtains should be washable and made out of synthetic materials or cotton, or you can opt for washable roller type shades. Never keep any clutter and stuff that easily collects dust, such as books, ornaments and magazines in your bedroom, and have an HEPA air filter. During the pollen season, you should keep the windows closed and rely on AC, but make sure that AC is perfectly clean too.

tips to prevent allergies

Breathe Freely in the Living Room

The most “allergen inviting” place in your house is the living room. This room is usually filled with lots of furniture, ornaments and decorations that attract and preserve allergens. To avoid the sneezing and hay fever in your living room you should never have upholstered furniture; replace such sofas and chairs with ones made of wood, metal, leather or plastic. Also, your curtains and blinds should be washable and keep your windows closed during the hay fever season. The best flooring you can choose is hardwood or linoleum and you can lay washable rugs, but never carpets. Make sure to avoid clutter and vacuum weekly, but if you are all really prone to allergies, you can even consider getting a steam cleaner hire, and profoundly have your house cleaned off allergens. And if you have a fireplace, you should avoid using the wood-burning ones because the smoke and gases can worsen your respiratory allergies.

Clean the Bathroom

To successfully get rid of any allergens in your bathroom, you have to make the moist go away. You can achieve this by installing a quality ventilation system, such as an exhaust fan, and reduce the moisture while showering. Never use carpets for covering the floors, you can simply go with tiles and use washable rugs only. On your walls there should be no wallpapers, you should lay tiles or paint the bathroom with mold-resistant paint. As far as showers, sinks and tubs are concerned, they should be thoroughly scrubbed with bleach in order to remove any dirt and mold, and you should fix any plumbing fixtures.

Take over Control in the Kitchen

Having a vented exhaust fan is a must, because it removes cooking fumes and greatly reduces moisture in the room. Make sure to keep everything clean and wash dishes daily. Scrub the sink and faucets and remove any mold or food debris. Keep your fridge clean and dry, and wipe up any moisture to avoid mold. Never keep outdated food in your house, and have a trash can with an insect-proof lid and empty it every day. Also, it is important to keep the cabinets and counters clean and you can wash them with some detergent and water.

Reduce the Pet Allergens

Your cute pets can sometimes be the main source of your allergies. Unfortunately, you should reduce contact with them. Keep them outside your bed and living room and restrict them to rooms that have wooden flooring because those trap less dander and are easier to clean. Also, keep your pets of the couches and carpets, because their dander and allergens can be easily trapped inside the fabrics. Lastly, it is of the utmost importance to clean regularly. Dust frequently, vacuum with HEPA filters and have your home steam cleaned to effectively get rid of allergens and avoid sneezing. And don’t forget to keep your pet clean, too.

Since allergies are among the most irritable things that can happen to your body, it is important to learn how to avoid them. For the sake of your health, keep the house clean and 100% allergy-resistant with these few tips.

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