“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

World Health Organization.

suyan-springWhen we talk about health, we usually identify it only with physical health for the simple reason that this aspect of health is the easiest to understand. Most people consider themselves healthy if they are able to perform daily functions without many difficulties. It often happens that we forget about the importance of mental health.

Mental health is a polycentric concept with vaguely defined borders. There are so many definitions and debates about what mental health really represents. One definition equates mental health with the state of psychological well-being, where the person is able to fulfill its goals with the resources available to him or her.

There are a lot of things that can affect your health and the clutter is one of them.

Clutter’s effect on your health


Even if your need for collecting things is normal, uncontrolled mess in your home can be a subtle source of both, physical and mental anxiety. Clutter makes us feel burdened, both literally and figuratively. Studies show that the clutter is associated with depression, anxiety and even obesity (organizational expert Peter Walsh finds a link between over-consumption of stuff and overconsumption of food).

The contents of your cabinets and the way the things are organized inside them, say a lot about your personality. Saying “the mess in the house, the mess in the soul” can, to a significant extent, refer to the state of your cabinets.

The best would be to organize things so that they are classified in a way that allows you to easily and quickly find anything you need at any time. If socks are mixed with dresses and underwear, you will probably lose a lot of time trying to find what you need, and that will lead to being late and delaying your other obligations.


The conditions in which you live, even your home affects your health. If your home is messy and cluttered, allergens like, dust mites and mold will build up faster, and chances of hurting yourself are way bigger than in organized and clean home.

What can you do

Get rid of all unnecessary things from your home, because they attract bad energy! If you haven’t used something for twelve months, it is time to get rid of it, don’t you think?

Clutter can accumulate for many reasons, and all of them have their roots in psychology. Filling homes with unnecessary furniture and with a large amount of decorative and other items is the consequence of fear of losing your own creativity. So, before putting these things back to where they were before you cleaned them, think about whether you really need them or not.

meditationInstead of spending more money on things you do not really need, consider to save that money for a short vacation. Research shows that this so-called, experiential goods will “buy” you more happiness than material goods.

Every item has its place. You are getting a lot of mail, advertising catalogs and bills (we all do), and they  instantly make a mess in any home. To avoid this you should pick a special drawer just for mail. Of course, don’t just randomly put in the “magic” drawer all kinds of papers and documents, but separate them and sort them depending on whether it is important mail or not. By doing this, you’ll find whatever you need from the drawer at any time. You can use this method to organize your pantry stocks, also. On one shelf, put the kitchen chemistry, the other one use for jars with spices and so on.

Things will not have their “place” if you keep on buying new and unnecessary ones. Do you often buy items for which you are not sure if you really need them? If so, next time, before you buy something, ask yourself these questions:



Where am I going to put you? What will I do with you?


If you have a purpose and a place, fine, buy it. Otherwise, you know the answer.

Set the golden rule of buying. If you and your family members simply like to buy little things that will look good in your home, you will quickly get to the problem, there isn’t enough space in your home for everything. To overcome this problem set a new golden rule of buying: as soon as you buy a new item, one of the old ones must go out!

Clean your home thoroughly. Experts from Eastern Suburbs cleaners told me that, in order to keep your home healthy, you should clean it properly with professional help at least twice a year.


Keeping your home clean isn’t hard, you should vacuum it, dust it and clean the kitchen and toilets once a week. But bear in mind that there are a lot of cleaning agents that can have negative effects on your health, for this reason you should think about using natural products for cleaning, such as lemon, baking soda or soap-grass.

The rapid pace of everyday life leaves a little room for cleaning and organizing the house. Therefore, to avoid cluttering your home, go through the process of elimination of all the things that can create chaos. Turn around, take a good look of the things that surround you and get rid of all unnecessary ballast.

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