Delicious and nutritious, aromatic and low-calorie, rich in calcium and vitamin A, celery is a favorite spice and highly appreciated food.

Celery Juice is one of the most highly nutritious foods. The health benefits of celery are known since ancient times. Meals with celery and medicinal value are described by the Greeks as the best cure for many diseases.

It is also very refreshing to drink it in the hot summer days. Some of the benefits of this juice include minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are in harmony with each other.

celery juice

This is a very powerful way to improve your health via regular intake, and will certainly do wonders to your overall health. Celery juice is really something wonderful.

Besides stimulating the metabolism, lowering the so-called bad fat, triglycerides and cholesterol, it prevents fluid retention in the body, stimulates the elimination of toxins, regulates the pressure, and, equally important, stimulates sexual desire.

Regular consumption of this food has a beneficial effect on the urinary tract and skin, prevents inflammation and acne.

A cup of celery juice a day is an excellent natural elixir of health.

Celery juice consists of at least eight different types of anti-cancer compounds. It prevents free radicals to damage cells and have anti-coagulant effect, it increases the activity of certain white blood cells that help fight cancer and may help in prevention of skin cancer, tongue, esophagus, liver and colon cancer.

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