When you think of a salad, you might think of some limp lettuce and a couple of bits of tomato. But the truth is that a salad can be so much more than that. There are so many ways you can make a salad, from the main bulk of the ingredients to the dressing you use. It could be done with salad leaves, but you could easily use pasta, couscous, or something else as the base too. It doesn’t have to be boring and flavorless. And you don’t need to pour sugary, fatty dressing over to it to make it taste good. Here’s how you can give your salad a boost.





Choose a Bulky Base

Salad leaves come in many different textures and flavors. If you eat a lot of them, they can satisfy your hunger. However, many people find that they don’t fill them up, and they’re left still feeling hungry. If you want something with more substance, there are other ingredients you can use as the base for your salad. You could try pasta, rice, couscous, or even bulgar wheat. These all provide a solid main ingredient, and they’re versatile too. You can add anything to them to create a tasty salad. You could also use something like potatoes or carrots, which are healthy but still have plenty of substance.


Use Healthier Dressings

You’ve made a delicious, healthy salad, but then you pour salad dressing from a bottle all over it. Chances are you’ve just added a lot of calories to your healthy salad. If you want to avoid this, don’t use store bought dressing. Or if you do, check the ingredients and the company that makes it. For example, you could buy a healthier mayonnaise to toss your salad in. If you watch YouTube videos about Hampton Creek, you can find out all about their healthy Just Mayo. You can also create a healthy vinaigrette with a drizzle of oil, vinegar, and seasoning. Using less dressing is also a good idea.


Adds Flavor without Dressings

Dressings aren’t the only way to add flavor to a salad. Since they can be high in fat and sugar, you’re better off using alternatives. For example, you can toss some spices through your salad. Your could also cook part of your salad in some spices or other seasonings. You could use ingredients such as pesto or harissa paste to mix a little flavor through your ingredients. Of course, you can also choose lots of different ingredients. There can be much more to a salad than iceberg lettuce and some limp tomatoes.


Add Protein

Add a bit more bulk to your salad by adding some protein. It could be chicken or another type of meat, or perhaps fish. But you could also add eggs, nuts and seeds, or other ingredients that are high in protein. It will help you get the nutrients you need and give your salad extra flavor.


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Salads don’t have to be boring. You can beef them up and turn them into whatever you want – as long as you’re not stretching the definition of a salad too much.