Since the use of light rays for therapeutic purposes dates back to ancient times, nowadays light therapy is still a very helpful method which is performed in aesthetic and medical cosmetics.

Egyptians were the first to use light treatment

Even before several millennia people knew that there was a natural, strong and direct link between light and biological processes in living beings’ organism, which is indicated by the fact that in ancient Egypt sunlight was used for medical purposes. A little bit later, in ancient Greece, Hippocrates described the impact of the sun rays in the treatment of some organic disorders and diseases, that method is known as heliotherapy.

light therapy

The light, especially in specific wavelengths of the light spectrum, has a positive effect on the metabolic status of the tissue, accelerating the energetic processes inside the cell, and stimulates its regeneration. Energy status of each cell primarily depends on the presence of the chemical compound, the most important energy ”reservoir”, adenosine-triphosphate (ATP).

The light improves blood circulation

Numerous scientific studies in the field of light therapy have shown that light stimulates the production of ATP within the cells and improves circulation of the certain body area by helping supply the tissues with nutrients and elimination of harmful substances, leading to a rapid tissue repair and its revitalization.

The application of the light therapy implies the existence of an artificial light source that emits rays of visible or invisible spectrum – ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light (IR). Light rays, which are isolated in this way, penetrate through the skin into the tissue and affect it in different ways, depending on the wavelength itself, causing the desired effects.

Colors have healing properties too

Within the light therapy, there is also the color application, where each color has a certain stimulus. The colors used in sauna, during the light therapy, are blue, red, yellow and green. The color blue has a cold light, soothing and relaxing, perfect for dreaming and finding yourself. The color red stimulates excitement, power and a pleasant feeling of rays that make you warm, give you vitality, activate the life spirit and pleasantly transfer the heat.

The color yellow reminds us of the sun’s rays that bring freshness, joy and enthusiasm, dispels the dark thoughts and provides relaxation and freedom to our body.

The color green brings us closer to nature, gives us a sense of fresh forest air, relaxes our nerves, it’s ideal for eye relaxation and its purpose is to make you feel good and relax your whole body.

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