It has been confirmed that physical activity rejuvenates our body by as much as 9 years.

The challenge of the 21st century is finding the way how to slow down aging.

Scientists who deal with this problem have found that the solution is hidden in physical activity.Studies have shown that even regular, moderate movements can rejuvenate the body.

Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes which form our DNA, have the main role in rejuvenation process. Every time a cell divides, telomeres get shorter. It is believed that at the time of birth we have telomeres 10,000 base pairs long, but in the old age they have the length of only 500 base pairs. Excessive shortening of telomeres leads to aging, and it is caused by various factors, such as genetic heritage, social environment and living habits of which the most important ones are diet, exercise and mental health.

anti aging exercises

We cannot change our genetics, but certainly can manage our life habits.

Physical activity can affect the slowdown of telomere shortening if we warm up our body intensively, three hours a week, during a regular work out. The test group included young, healthy people, who had the task not to do anything physically but rest for three weeks. After three weeks of inactivity, there were significant physiological changes, such as an increase in blood pressure and fats and decreased muscle strength. These are the changes that indeed cause faster aging.

Experts recommend the following activities if you want to have “longer” youth:

Intense exercises:

* Brisk walking

* Cycling

* Running

* Dancing

* Climbing stairs

Strength exercises:

* Weight training

* Machine workouts

* Bodyweight exercises (push-ups, squats, sit-ups…)

As we age muscle mass is being reduced. Weightlifting and other similar exercises are very important for maintaining a healthy and vital body.


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