Bad Days Again! It’s that time of the month which all of us girls dread. This means no more long walks, no more having fun out with friends, no more hot coffee; I know it’s sad as all of this has been replaced with tiredness, headaches, stomach cramps and mood swings. As a girl I’m certain that you will be wishing for a magic tablet that will take all these symptoms and pains far away from you.



Now you would want to know why you go through all this discomfort in periods and why we fear these days all the time.

Let me explain you in simple words that your periods are instigated due to the detaching of the inner coating of the uterine barrier. This detaching is supported by a horde of hormones, the main are the ‘prostaglandins’. In easy words when your body aches the most it’s because of these culprits “prostaglandins”. This hormone is also noticeable all through the delivery period. It is actually in charge for forcing the lining of the uterus out. Distant from all the hormonal acts, the unfortunate uterus is lacking of blood, consequently your muscle contracts. In austere circumstances this complaint is known as “Dysmenorrhea“.

As now you know the reason of why you suffer from all those painful period cramps, I have collected some nice and comfy home remedies for your pain relief.



Honey & Ginger Drink

Did you know honey-ginger drink works like a magic potion in period cramps? I’m sure you didn’t! Honey and ginger both are beneficial for many health problems. To free you from periods cramp boil a few pieces of ginger with some salt, then add a spoon of honey in it and enjoy this pain relieving drink.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is also another good home remedy for period cramps, try these effective two effective flavors of herbal tea, raspberry leaf or jasmine as it will help relax your mind and free you from your agony.


milk for health

Calcium Is The Key

We all know that milk is full of calcium, and calcium is a beneficial treatment for stomach cramps. So try having a glass of milk in your days of periods but if you don’t like milk you can always chew on calcium tablets. Enjoy the chewable!


Papaya Fruit Yummy!

If your periods have started and you are suffering from stomach cramps than you should eat papaya all thorough or even before your periods. Papaya fruit comprises of “Papain” which is an enzyme that actually helps in regulating and easing the flow in periods.


Yoga Works Well With Cramps

Yoga is one of the easiest and best body remedy for cramps. Always do some yoga in morning. Yoga helps women a lot with easing menstrual pain as it provides relaxation for mind and body.


Warm Relaxing Drinks

Hot drinks will always temperate periods cramps, doctors recommend that you should have plenty intake of warm drinks like herbal tea and delightful soup, but always avoid coffee as it has caffeine which has properties that aggravate the discomfort.



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