There are new and conflicting information about diet almost every day, due to which it is increasingly difficult to decide what to eat.

One of the foods that is often discussed is red meat, which some believe to be the cause of various health problems. However, most of these stories have no scientific basis.

We present to you the five most common myths about eating red meat:

Red meat causes cancer

This assumption has more to do with the way of preparation. You need to pay attention that the meat does not stick and it should be prepared in a “gentler” way. However, there is no evidence on the connection between consumption of red meat and cancer rates.

Meat rots in the colon

Some believe that red meat may not disintegrate well in the digestive system. But there are no scientific bases for this belief.

Meat causes heart diseases

Meat is often blamed for many heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. However, people have eaten meat for centuries, before these diseases became common.

red meat

We get fat by eating meat

The meat has a lot of calories. However, it is an excellent source of protein, which can actually help with weight loss.

Meat can harm our organism

Some believe that the proteins in meat are bad for bones and kidneys. Although studies have shown that increased consumption of meat leads to a short-term loss of calcium, long-term effect is actually the opposite.

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