In this list you will not find any candy or snacks, but still you will get some food that may surprise you.


Because it contains sugar and it’s sticky, people usually think of it as a bad food for dental health, but recent studies suggest that this is not true. It was found that raisins have no effect on the pH of the mouth, which automatically means that they do not damage teeth. Also, the above-mentioned stickiness is a myth, because new research has shown that it does not stay on the teeth longer than other foods.


Yes, tea is generally unhealthy for oral health, especially when it comes to those that are sweetened. However there are exceptions and one of them is black tea. It is made (as well as green tea) of natural leaves and therefore does not contain sweeteners, while other teas are full of them. Finally, research has shown that people who rinse their mouth with black tea have less buildup tartar on their teeth.

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Even our parents talked about apples, saying that they’re healthy for teeth, and guess what – they were right! This is the fruit with high water content.

Hard and crunchy texture of apples means a lot of chewing, and it encourages the creation of mucus that helps counteract the pH level in the mouth. Also, crispness stimulates gums!


Milk is one of the best foods for the oral care and hygiene. Milk is rich in calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth according to the latest data it can also be successful in the fight against tooth decay. Consuming popular cornflakes for breakfast is a common thing, but it should definitely be combined with milk, because cereal without milk contains too much sugar and that is not good for your teeth.


Chewing gum is usually not good for your teeth, but when it is sugar-free, the effect is reversed. The best time for gum is after a meal. Chewing sugarless gum stimulates saliva production, which is good, considering that it is a natural defense against dental problems. So remember, chewing gum, yes, but only the ones without sugar!

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