Hypertension can be alleviated by white beans, yogurt, sunflower seeds, potatoes, fresh fish, and, of course, lower intake of salt and industrial products.

Arterial hypertension is the most frequent noncontiguous disease in the world, which affects nearly one billion people. Twenty six percent of the adult population in the world has the problem with high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is generally increased by excessive intake of salt and fluids, obesity, excessive intake of alcohol and coffee, smoking, physical inactivity, stress and many others. Since we generally don’t have a power to impact on causes of disease, the experts suggest taking care about things we actually can do to prevent the occurrence of the diseases.

We need to pay particular attention to the food choice, because there are some foods that naturally lower high blood pressure.

foods for lower blood pressure


This fruit contains a great level of potassium, which has a very important role in the treatment of hypertension. Therefore, it is advisable to eat one banana a day for prevention. The best results are achieved if these foods are consumed in the morning and not combined with other foods.


In many cases, the problem with high blood pressure is caused by insufficient intake of fluid during the day. If you cannot control your intake of water, fill a two liter bottles in the morning and drink it till the end of the day. Limit the intake of sweetened liquids because water and herbal teas are the best. When the sudden increase of blood pressure occurs experts advise to drink bigger glass of water at once, in great gulps. This method can solve the situation immediately, as soon as the problem of high blood pressure occurs.

Reduce spice consumption

People who have hypertension are advised to follow a dietetic nutrition. In addition to recommendations to consume easily digestible foods, they must limit their use of salt and other spices. This means that they must avoid foods that already include large amounts of salt, for example, processed meats, snacks, etc.

White bean

It is widely known that this food contains a lot of mineral substances. In this case, potassium and magnesium are extremely important. It is recommended to cook the beans in water, season the dish optionally and so prepared eat it, adding a few drops of olive oil to the meal.


Even our ancestors knew that garlic lowered high blood pressure. Garlic can help in cases when blood pressure values still aren’t significantly increased. However, keep in mind that consumption of garlic may cause a sudden drop of high blood pressure, even below normal values. If its intense aroma seems to be unsavoury, just swallow it as a pill, without chewing.


Increase of high blood pressure may be caused by some hidden problems, such as the lack of calcium and vitamin D. Therefore it is very important to regularly consume foods that contain these substances. The level of vitamin D will considerably improve after taking a walk in the sun. The easiest way to provide your body with the proper amount of calcium is to consume dairy products, especially yogurt. It is recommended to drink approximately 200 ml of this product.


Kiwi contains three essential minerals – magnesium, potassium and calcium. Although kiwi doesn’t contain a great amount of the minerals, they make the perfect combination, which helps in solving the problem of high blood pressure. Eat one kiwi every morning on an empty stomach and pay attention to the change that will happen thanks to the positive effect of this fruit.

Sunflower Seeds

Try to consume unroasted and unsalted sunflower seeds, because only this way you will provide enough magnesium to your body. Nibble the seeds as a snack or add them to seasonal salads, this will certainly enhance their taste.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish is recommended for many reasons. Primarily, the intake of this type of foods will automatically enrich your diet and make you healthier, especially if you struggle with hypertension. The fish nutrients are the main elements responsible for a good health. In order to use all their benefits to the maximum, consume only fresh fish. For example, salmon is an excellent choice, because it contains a lot of omega three fatty acids.


While choosing a side dish to the main course, the best choice is potato, because it contains significant level of potassium and magnesium. The most important thing about potato is to prepare it in a healthy way. It can be eaten cooked or baked with the shell, because in this way potato keeps the most valuable substances.

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