The basis of health is a proper diet, and these foods which contain many nutrients will be your greatest allies.

Calcium and vitamin D are simply necessary for strong and healthy bones. Calcium helps build the structure of bones and teeth, while vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and bone growth.

On average, a 50 year old person needs 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 200 IUs of vitamin D on a daily basis.


Most people actualize their need for vitamin D through sunlight, however very few people know that yogurt is full of this significant vitamin. One cup of yogurt has 30 percent of the recommended daily dose of calcium and 20 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin D. Although yogurt is delicious, some kinds such as Greek or fruit yogurt do not contain sufficient amounts of the necessary healthy elements of the musculoskeletal system.

food for strong bones


There’s a reason why milk is a synonym for calcium. Only 230 milliliters of nonfat milk will provide you with 90 calories and also 30 percent of the daily calcium requirement.


Just because cheese contains high amounts of calcium, it doesn’t mean you should consume it in large quantities, since only 42 grams of hard cheese contain 30 percent of the daily requirement of calcium.

On the other hand, most cheeses contain small amounts of vitamin D, which are insufficient for your daily needs.


To the surprise of many, sardine contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Although it may not look attractive, it has a spicy taste that fits in variety of pastas and salads.


Although eggs contain only 6 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin D, they are very easy and quick source of healthy nutrients.

It is believed that yolk is unhealthy and full of calories, but the truth is that the highest level of vitamin D is actually found in there.


Salmon is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for cardiac health. Only 80 grams of salmon provides 100 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin D.


Although spinach may not be the most common grocery on your table, when you meet its powerful properties, it will become one of your favorite foods.

food for healthy bones


All cereals such as cornflakes and muesli contain 25 percent of daily requirement of vitamin D and calcium.


Approximately 85 grams of canned tuna has 39 percent of the daily needs of vitamin D.


This tropical fruit contains high amounts of vitamins C and D, and some studies show that orange juice helps with calcium absorption, so it’s evident that the consumption of orange will strengthen your bones and improve your immunity.


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